Monday 27 August 2007

You had to be there

I escaped to Sydney for lunch today, for what we're calling - tongue in cheek of course - Coffee 2.0, to discuss Enterprise 2.0 adoption in Australia with Alex Manchester (also blogging over at Melcrum), Alister Webb from Telstra, Kolya Miller, Matt Moore, and Ross Dawson. The topic of the moment was of course the recent media attention on Facebook and other networking sites.

One outcome of the meeting was a general agreement to make an effort to find more examples of Australian organisations experimenting or implementing Enterprise 2.0 or Web 2.0 inspired technology inside the firewall. We all feel that many Australian organisations aren't talking about their experiences in this space because they are either nervous about the publicity or don't think they have something worth talking about... but if you're reading this and you are in one of those organisations we would like to hear about your experiences with blogs, wikis, RSS, mashups, social networking, etc! To this end, I will share in my next post about what's happening in CSC in this space at the moment.

BTW Coffee 2.0 isn't an exclusive group, but small enough for us to have a good conversation. Let any of us know if you'd like to join us next time. Matt Moore suggested that next time should be a Beer 2.0 event ;-)


  1. You know that a longer meeting will allow us to dig deeper into the topics at hand and identify more robust patterns & anti-patterns in the enterprise 2.0 space.

    And beer will help.

    Trust me, I'm a knowledge manager.

  2. Anonymous12:32 pm

    Nothing like a good Australian beer to wet the web 2.0 appetite. Hmmm, maybe that's what organisations need more of to get the web 2.0 thing happening - more beer!


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