Tuesday 21 August 2007

Janssen-Cilag Wiki Case Study

Here is a great Aussie wiki case study shared by Nathan Wallace from Janssen-Cilag, a pharmaceutical subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson.

One of the interesting points in the case study is that after evaluating different wiki products, they opted for Confluence by Atlassian because it provide functionality such as "a hierarchy of pages, strong attachment capabilities, news features, LDAP integration, high quality search and a decent rich text editor."

He concludes with some spot on points:

"Users do not perceive our Intranet as a Wiki, with all the anarchistic overtones that brings. Rather, they see the simplicity and flexibility as a natural evolution of Intranet technology... Problems of driving collaboration and content updates remain, but they are exposed as the cultural and people problems at their heart since the technical and workload "excuses" have been stripped away."

Hat tip to Andrew Mitchell.

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