Monday 27 August 2007

Enterprise Web 2.0 inside CSC

Since I'm asking fellow Aussies to share their Enterprise 2.0 and Enterprise Web 2.0 experiences, its only fair I talk about mine:

There are three enterprise level wiki experiments I'm aware of at CSC (there could be more, and I believe there are some project or team related wikis around). In July one of these experiments was integrated into CSC's global portal infrastructure as part what we are calling our Collaboration Portal Center:

"The Collaboration Portal Center boasts a wide-open experimental Collaboration Wiki; videos; podcasts (well only one to start); Yahoo Pipes, Blog, and RSS mash-up; comment areas following many content pages; documented solutions and case studies; a Global Google Maps mash-up; and RSS feeds on several portions of the content . . . not too shabby for just getting started."

Right now this particular wiki is running on Twiki and is also being used to host a few internal blogs (like Stu Downes) using a plugin template. However, in Australia we are actually experimenting with Mediawiki, although we also have some local experience with Atlassian's Confluence too. One of the quick wins I like with our Australian CSC wiki are the client profile pages that provide an overview of each client, including key links to different tools and reports plus filtered external RSS news feeds.

Of course there are other Web 2.0, Enterprise 2.0 and Enterprise Web 2.0 related activities going on, but right now there really is a lot of exciting buzz around the wiki experiments and a sense that no matter the outcome its going to be a good learning experience.

OK. I've shared a little about what's happening where I am, now its your turn :-)

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