Monday 20 June 2005

Industry Update No. 5: GrouputerNet from Grouputer Solutions

Mea Culpa! I have to admit to being a little behind with the industry updates at the moment, however my excuse is that I'm currently in the process of planning an industry update live event to take place in Sydney during July. Further details coming soon...

But back to this industry update: A few weeks ago I spoke to Anne Hudson, CEO of Grouputer Solutions and co-inventor of the GrouputerNet technology. Grouputer was founded in 1996 and is based in Sydney, Australia but has over 300 users in USA, Australia, Mexico, Europe and New Zealand. Prior to starting Grouputer, Anne worked as a management consultant and in senior positions for multinational organisations. The late Tony Benson (one of only seven people to have received the highly prestigious Pearcey Medal in recognition of his lifetime commitment to the IT industry) was also a member of the Grouputer board until his death earlier this year.

GrouputerNet is a Web-based collaborative group decision support and meeting application. This application is designed to be used by organisations to aid decision making, planning, problem solving and learning. This makes GrouputerNet quite different from the other products I've covered so far in the industry updates (see below) and in this respect it is complementary to other content or project management tools you might already have in place.

For me its the structured discussion and decision support functionality in GrouputerNet that make it stand out from other Webconferencing products because it ensures:

  • Every participant has an opportunity to be heard; and
  • Meetings are more productive because they are outcome driven.

Grouputer can also supply a process builder for GrouputerNet that allows meetings and learning processes to be packaged up into stand alone applications.

According to Grouputer, end-users require no training however they support facilitators with both product training and skills transfer through co-facilitation. You can visit the Grouputer Solutions Website to see live demos of GrouputerNet.

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  1. Anonymous2:36 pm

    Hi James, GrouputerNet is very intuitive and we do say that participants need no training. However, facilitators usually benefit from a small amount of training. From Anne Hudson


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