Thursday 16 June 2005

New Associate: Conclusive Consulting Group

The Conclusive Consulting Group, based here in my adopted home town of Wollongong, NSW, Australia, has joined my list of associates.

Stephen Cuff is the Managing Director of Conclusive Consulting Group and he has consulted to a wide range of business types, from solo entrepreneurs to Fortune 500 companies.

Conclusive Consulting Group deliver custom designed solutions to help improve businesses and corporations. As the name suggests, a specific need is determined and the exact end result of a collaborative project defined. The process includes a clear determination of Objectives, Measures of Success and Value to be gained by the Client. This provides an accurate determination as to the return on investment that will be possible. Our goal is to improve management skills and processes for our clients.

Check out the Conclusive Website for free articles and you can also fill out an on-line Business Analysis survey to find what is and isn't working well in your business.

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