Tuesday 12 April 2005

Agilent's Virtual Experiences

Its not often that we see an Australian business talking up the benefits of "virtual teams", but Grant Marshall, General Manager at Agilent Australia, shares his experiences in an interview in CEO Forum magazine. While Agilent have created a virtual shared service that is spread across Asia, the challenges and successes are the same for any kind of organisation that has staff working in remote teams or workgroups in Australia or overseas. Some key lessons from Agilent are:

  • You need motivation to change from a traditional to virtual organisation structure;
  • You need to invest in change management and training; and
  • Remote managers can deliver higher levels of employee satisfaction (bet you didn't see that one coming!).
If you enjoyed this interview, also have a look at a related article that I wrote for Image and Data Manager magazine, titled Meeting of Minds.

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