Tuesday 12 April 2005

Internet 2.0: The Information Sushi Belt

Chris Hyder, Director of Knowledge Management at the Department of the Environment and Heritage, gets a thank you for spotting this excellent BBC News article that includes an interview with Dave Winer (a co-inventor of the RSS format). Surfing RSS channels gets vividly described by the BBC reporter, Jo Twist, as:

"Like sushi restaurant conveyor belts, it delivers content to people so they can easily pick what they want to read."

An important point is also made about the average Internet user in terms of "how to explain what RSS can do to change a person's web surfing experience, and also how to avoid bamboozling people with strange-looking code and acronyms." Remember if you're reading this you may be an early adopter who gets it! It might not be as easy for everyone else.

BTW There is also a link to my two earlier posts about RSS as Content Glue and Controlling RSS. Incidentally I also discovered what RSS Reader technology the Guardian Newspaper is using (the smarts behind it is a company called Consenda - apparently using their technology, "newspapers are able to place themselves at the convergence point of traditional news publishing and blogs, while increasing average revenue per user through NewsPoint’s innovations in RSS-related targeted text, display, and classified advertising").

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