Saturday 25 October 2008

Two-Dot Oh Fatigue – but only for the inexperienced

I’m picking up some weak signals of 2.0 fatigue out there. Just watch as people attempt to abandon ship and hang their hat on some other buzzword – some from the past, like innovation and collaboration, while others will simply invent something new (remember, comperation?).

And in the quest for management attention-share (or wallet-share if you like) I see that even the social media snake oil salesmen are turning on their fellow travellers, the knowledge managers. Clearly a fight to the death is expected (blogs at fifty paces maybe?).

Of course, this was to be expected.

We all should have known that the hype curve is a work here. Or did some of us really think we could predict exactly how a new technology would impact society and work?

Which reminds me - while preparing a presentation about Web 2.0 and linking it back into the history of technology I came across an interesting statistic in Wikipedia about the dot com crash:

Recent research suggests, however, that as many as 50% of the dot-coms survived through 2004, reflecting two facts: the destruction of public market wealth did not necessarily correspond to firm closings, and second, that most of the dot-coms were small players who were able to weather the financial markets storm.

No doubt those with limited experience or foresight are feeling tired, but its worth holding on as the world will still end up being a little bit better and a little more interesting at the end of it.

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