Wednesday 22 October 2008

Information security: Throwing stones in the Web 2.0 greenhouse

I completely understand the bias here as Symantec Australia are trying to engage in a bit of marketing about their information security products in this article from the Australian IT section:

ALMOST 80 per cent of local organisations have experienced a data breach in the past five years, with a further 40 per cent reporting between six and 20 known breaches during the period, according to Symantec's first Australian data loss survey…

…The main cause of data breaches was lost laptops (45 per cent of all breaches), human error (42 per cent) and lost mobile phones or devices (30 per cent).

However, it does help to add weight to my arguments about information security and Web 2.0 – lets get information security around current information systems right first before we start throwing stones at Web 2.0…

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