Thursday 21 August 2008

The new kid on the vendor-neutral CMS consulting block

James Robertson from Step Two blogged recently that:

"As far as we are aware, we are the only truly vendor-neutral CMS consultants in Australia"

Just a reminder (and in the interest of some friendly competition), there is actually a new kid on the block (although we have a heap of experience)... IPP Consulting. I've actually recently added a new Information & Knowledge Management page on the IPP Website to explain the areas we work in.

As far as being vendor-neutral,

"IPP Consulting does not supply any hardware or software and has no financial connection with suppliers of equipment, software or human resources. This assures our clients that our audits, assessments and recommendations are structured solely towards achieving cost effective solutions, and are not motivated by supply margins."

We're so vendor-neutral that we are even using an open source information management methodology. :-)

We're all about choice, so once you've spoken to Step Two don't forget to give me or Brian Bailey at IPP a call too! A capability statement and client list can be provided on request.

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