Thursday 21 August 2008

Error! This Enterprise upgrade requires Change Management 2.0 is installed

Kate has shared her slides from the Enterprise 2.0 for Information Professionals conference and also commented a little on the point about innovation that I also mentioned in my reflection post:

"The entire process of adopting enterprise 2.0 is an innovation activity. It is about driving new ways of interacting between people and with new technology. It is about using this technology to enable new connections and to deepen collaborative capabilities within and beyond the organisation.

Thus the implementation of enterprise 2.0 would be prey to all of the challenges of innovation. This means that change management, stakeholder management and project management skills must all be employed to enable adoption within the organisation. Fun stuff!"

Kate is spot on. Unfortunately I find that it is often hard for people to understand (and maybe accept!) that I'm not an IT consultant, but a business and technology consultant. Managing innovation and change management are key components of my skill set (and its these types of non-technology areas I studied as part of Masters in Business & Technology at UNSW).

Personally I apply a few innovation and change management concepts in my work:

Even if you don't think change management comes into the equation when it comes to deploying enterprise social computing, bear in mind that at an organisational or management level you will still be moving through a change process even if you aren't managing it actively.

Don't have time read all this theory? Give me a call and I can give you the hour long version over a coffee. :-)

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  1. heh - So many people think that if you throw up a wiki, "they will come"...

    Yes, the technology has to work, but if all you do is 'add technology" to the mix, you're speeding up the 20th century business processes.... You get to A destination faster, but its got nothing to do with what where you NEED to go.


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