Monday 19 November 2007

Enterprise RSS moves information

There have been quite a few responses to my post about the state of enterprise RSS. Off blog Scott Niesen, Marketing Director for Attensa, has a go at articulating the value of what he calls a "managed RSS ecosystem":

"Let's start with a blinding flash of the obvious. Information Moves. It moves markets, innovation, time to market, price, profits and productivity. Enterprise RSS moves information"

Simon also adds his two cents worth, and also makes a similar point about how RSS moves information, and not just blogs and wikis:

"RSS is raising its head as part of the conversations going on around social software adoption within the enterprise. This is not necessarily a bad thing, syndicated content is certainly key to these tools and their success. But why are RSS and ATOM not been given more attention outside this context, as part of more strategic thinking? There is a lot more they can be used for than just blog feeds!"

And on blog there are whole bunch of more great comments.

BTW along the way I also discovered a couple of RSS-related bits and pieces:

I'm wondering, do we need to organise an Enterprise RSS Action Day or something to help kick start things?


  1. Great idea - the Enterprise RSS Action Day - it could be a fantastic virtual event (or real event if in conjunction with another show in January/February).

    I'm sure you could get lots of help in creating a kicking agenda (many great ideas to explore are in your comments already); and then filling it with speakers.

    I know a few who'd be chomping at the bit to give their POV...

  2. Anonymous10:48 pm

    I agree, the action day could be a good way to get some coverage and momentum.

    How could we go about getting it organised, our blogs, Facebook, sponsored?

  3. I'm with NewsGator and we would support Enterprise RSS Action Day.

    Thanks for the mention, we're actually already seeing a lot of action in the enterprise as IT comes to the realization that they can do with RSS many of the information functions that previously were the domain of expensive infrastructure technologies.

    We are even seeing customers who are bolting RSS onto their transaction and master data systems, replicating what bus technologies do.


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