Monday, 8 October 2007

Knowledge Management - it’s a no-brainer

A nice post from Kim about Knowledge Management:

"I get slightly annoyed when I hear or read that KM is a “fad”. What’s faddish about helping people in an organisation gain access to people or stuff that might support them in solving a problem or making sense of their daily environment or gasp…just learning something? Really, it’s a no-brainer. KM is about creating shared meaning by allowing people to tap into all the living, fluid, tacit stuff that’s going on in an organisation: dynamic conversations, stories, social networks. It’s not about stuffing away content into databases that fast become static and useless because they have been divorced from context and meaning."

She make a good point about "best practices" too... a wise point she taught back in her days as a Chief Knowledge Officer (even if she hated the title).

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  1. Anonymous12:05 pm

    I see you remember the good old days James and our discussions on "best practice" :)-


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