Friday 12 October 2007

Gartner's top 10 - what about liquid security?

Graham got to this one before me - Gartner's top 10 IT trends for 2008:

  1. Green IT
  2. Unified Communications
  3. Business Process Management
  4. Metadata Management
  5. Virtualisation 2.0
  6. Mashups and Composite Applications
  7. The Web Platform
  8. Computing Fabric
  9. Real World Web
  10. Social Software

While I'm pleased to see Green IT on this list, I think overall this is actually a bit of a messy list, particularly as it doesn't show the Web 2.0 connection between Unified Communications, Mashups, The Web Platform, Real World Web and Social Software - these aren't separate trends after all. Perhaps they just needed to get 10 in the list?

Also, what about deperimeterization? CSC calls this "liquid security".

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