Wednesday 18 July 2007

The trials of churning and porting

I'm still not connected yet. I don't even have a land line at the moment while the phone company works out how to churn and port my home phone number before we can even think about getting broadband switched on. While the break to blogging has been nice in a way, I'm learning how much I take for granted that always on connection to not only the blogosphere, but also the practical stuff too. Fingers crossed it won't be too much longer.

Its also a shame as there are some interesting things going on right now at CSC with internal wikis and blogs that I'd like to get my teeth into.

BTW I gave in a installed Google Gears (using portable Mozilla Firefox) so I could take my RSS feeds offline, but to be honest its still less than satisfactory; unless I replicate the whole of the Internet offline I can't follow up any of the interesting links anyway.

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  1. Hey James, when your back connected give me a shout and i'll show you what we're doing with the TWiki platform for the GSO.

    the wiki can now be found at

    Lewis Richards


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