Wednesday 6 June 2007

Here at Web 2.0 Australia Today

I did try live blogging today, but I couldn't get the wifi working and then I decided it was a little rude to start typing anyway! While there were mixture of serious looking suits and appropriately dressed Web 2.0 geeks (no offence, but you know the look), I'm not sure how many live bloggers were in the room.

I'm not going to attempt a full summary now, but I did just want to mention that Ross needs to be congratulated pulling the day together and with such an interesting mix of people. Just on my table we had people representing the media, marketing, banking, government and also a start up (M'tomic).

As well as hearing from BEA about their enterprise mashing platform, we heard from five local startups - Atlassian, Gnoos, Omnidrive, Scouta and Tangler (what are you waiting for, go check them out!). The dunce cap goes to Telstra unfortunately, but in this case what gets said in the room, stays in the room :-(

Some key points I hope to get back and comment on are:

  • What do we all think we mean by Web 2.0, as we jumped between talking about what I think of as a mix of Web 2.0, Enterprise Web 2.0 and also Enterprise 2.0 (Ross' Web 2.0 Framework addresses this in terms of "Open Web" and "Enterprise", but I think this is just scratching the surface).
  • How can more Aussie start ups build on the opportunities Web 2.0 is presenting? Some of this concerns business models and strategy, but also what impact do constraints like the state of the broadband network have on building something that will be successful.

Also, included in the handouts, an interesting piece of research by the Smart Internet Technology CRC on Second Life (PDF), written from an Australian business perspective. I noticed there is also some research on digital lifestyles (PDF) too that looks interesting.

The only down point of the day was that I didn't get to say hello or talk to Richard from Read/WriteWeb. However, it was good to put a face to a name from the blogosphere.

Phew. That's all for now.

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