Tuesday 3 April 2007

Do BEA, Oracle, etc really get Web 2.0?

I must admit I've been focused more on following the efforts of vendors like IBM and Microsoft at one end and start ups like Teqlo, but it looks other vendors such as Oracle and BEA are also offering enterprise Web 2.0 inspired "solutions" (yeah, I know sound odd doesn't it?):

  • BEA recently launched its Pages, Ensemble and Pathways collection of tools that promises to let users "Create it, Mash it, Manage it and Discover it"; and
  • Oracle's WebCenter offers "a set of integrated Web 2.0 services into a new generation of context-centric, composite applications."

I hear that Oracle is actively using social software like wikis internally, however, considering that one of the themes of Web 2.0 has been consumer driven innovation, I wonder how well these large vendors will be able keep up with the fast paced evolution of Web 2.0. And what happens if or when the bubble bursts?

The other question is whether these Web 2.0 offerings from large established vendors really offer a true Web 2.0 experience inside the firewall, or are they just mixing existing SOA approaches with user friendly interfaces?

I guess if it achieves the same end, does it really matter?

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