Sunday 15 April 2007

Reflections on mashing my Blogosphere

The little time I've spent online this weekend I've ended up spending time playing around with the My Cosmos Feed pipe I created. Its now humming along about as good as its going to be within the current limits of Yahoo! Pipes. Some of the issues I've had included:

  • Weird errors trying to save changes to my pipes, but a minor upgrade to the most current Firefox release appeared to fix the problem;
  • Strange formatting issues with RSS feed, but it looks like Feedburner has helped out there in the end in terms of getting a clean RSS feed into my RSS Reader; and
  • What appears to be a limit on the amount of XML data Yahoo! Pipes can consume out of the Technorati API (which is fair enough - I just didn't see any documented limits).

A reminder that these mashing tools are still not quite ready for the average computer user. Still, technical problems aside, I'm enjoying this new feed I've created and I've also started to use the My Cosmos Feed pipe to explore the cosmos around other bloggers.

For my next trick I might have a go at creating a Pipe to output data that can be used to create an instant blog network map. Stay tuned!

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