Saturday 10 March 2007

Its new but not difficult, right?

...but while some find it as easy as plugging their wiki into the network, Michelle Laurie's progress isn't so magical:

"Basically, I have 50 people from over 30 countries that need to work together for the next four years and will be meeting together at the end of March.  In preparation, I made the WIKI with links to information about the meeting, a survey they need to complete and a contacts page which they can fill in for example.  So far, five of the fifty have contributed.  On a positive note, I trained a colleague from DRC (Congo) by phone and he seemed to get it.  I think there may be a need for one on one training with people in order to ensure they are grasping the concepts.  Its new but not difficult.  At present I feel there is potential but not fuly convinced it will work."

Sounds like to me that the wiki isn't the problem here, but same old virtual teaming problems we already know about.

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  1. I just reinvigorated my blog and see that somehow you found my blog and incorporated content onto yours. Kind of neat - how did you find me? To update you, the workshop ended up going well with most people quite happy with use of the WIKI in preparation. I am not sure how the group is doing now as I have left the organization since then......
    Cheers, Michelle Laurie


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