Saturday 10 March 2007

Another Wiki Case Study from Dan Bricklin: Thomson Learning

Dan Bricklin has recorded another wiki case study (MP3 podcast), this time with Thomson Learning. A separate write up of their experiences is also available, but its worth listening to Bricklin's interview for more background. In summary, the approach at Thomas Learning was to plug a laptop running Linux and Twiki into the network and let it grow from there (ok, slight simplification).

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  1. Anonymous3:05 pm

    internet 2.0 esta desapareciendo, arrazada por la 3.0 las redes sociales, las redes que se nutren del conocimiento de las masas, twiki es la herramienta que esta promoviendo la web 3.0
    fabricar la web 3.0?
    es algo mas en lo que tenemos que colaborar..


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