Saturday 24 February 2007

Why we need knowledge management... the warm and fluffy version

I hadn't seen this when I blogged this earlier today:

Care of Luis Suarez and many others.

PS I know that not everyone is an IBM Lotus fan, but I think you just need to enjoy this one without thinking about it too much ;-)

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  1. Anonymous11:53 pm

    Hi James ! Thanks a lot for the plug and helping spread the message. Actually, that was also the point as to why I shared the video clip coming as well from the links from Nimmy and Jack Vinson. It you take out the commercial bit out of it, to me, it still makes perfect sense as to what KM is all about and what I would expect from it, so far from what some people seem to be saying lately that KM is dead, after seeing video clips like that one and thinking about the role of social computing in all this I am not so sure any longer. That is why I wanted to share it in the first place and while I am glad that folks are linking to it.

    Thanks again for the link!


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