Sunday 25 February 2007

Is Information Overload a Lifestyle Choice?

A new spin on information overload conversation, graduate university student Christine Wall is spending month experiencing life without any technology invented or widely available after 1950 as a research project. The media story on this experiment provides these interesting quotes:

"I literally feel I like I have 40 hours in a day. I realize how much time was sucked up with TV and ... the Internet and e-mail..."


"You can just see how addicted students are now [to email etc] and that they have the expectation things are going to be spoon-fed to them. ... Now, they feel like they can’t have a normal conversation. And by losing that skill, they become fearful of them. I feel like part of the reason to do this is we’re in this spiral that’s not good."

She is also blogging about her experiences, but is currently offline while she is living in 1950s mode.

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