Tuesday, 30 January 2007

Enterprise 2.0 is in the eye of the beholder

Away from the FASTforward blog, Mike Gotta has contributed his own 5 tips - echoing Euan's concerns, Gotta suggests (with a warning) that we should:

"Define what Enterprise 2.0 means for you: I often feel like we're back in the nineties debating what Knowledge Management is or is not. To overstate the issue - it really doesn't matter what I think E2.0 is or what some other pundit, expert or analyst thinks it is -- or is not. What matters most is for an organization to take ownership of the term and define for itself what Enterprise 2.0 means based on its own structural dynamics, culture, institutions, market pressures, human capital needs and so on. There is no universal truth here (perhaps some common scaffolding but no complete right or wrong). By taking ownership of the term, it allows people within an organization to put Enterprise 2.0 into a context that they can understand and relate to it in terms of change management, transformation complexity, risks and opportunities and so forth."

Good point, particularly as most people can't even agree on what Web 2.0 means either so we have a long way to go in getting consensus on Enterprise 2.0.

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