Tuesday 30 January 2007

Conscientious Objector

Following on from the initial challenge, here are responses from Euan Semple, Gerry Dowles (sic) Jerry Bowles and Kathleen Gilroy.

Euan thinks he failed in the challenge, but actually provides a good argument against coming up with a formula for Enterprise 2.0:

"I was wary about getting involved because there is a real risk of Enterprise 2.0 turning into a 'thing' and a thing that can be done correctly or incorrectly with a whole load of people telling you what correct is. This IMHO is not good and is what led to KM disappearing up its own proverbial and being devalued...

...If I had a list of five things that I’d suggest people do there would only be one - don’t do what people tell you to do. Do what makes sense, do what works and do what you have the energy to sustain in the face of the considerable challenges that will be thrown before you. By all means have conversations with people who have been around and seen and done related things and who are happy to have interesting conversations with you but that is it. No formulas and no experts."

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