Tuesday 6 June 2006

The quiet approach to enterprise social software

A three hour road trip from Wollongong to Newcastle yesterday gave me a chance to listen to Dan Bricklin's interview with Toby Redshaw from Motorola.

Redshaw emphasises that Motorola's experience with implementing enterprise social software was a bottom up effort. Using the capabilities in their existing OpenText deployment, they "quietly launched wikis and blogs" last May. Since then take up of the new tools has followed a tipping point pattern and now 5%-10 of 60,000 Motorola's employees actively contribute content.

Sounds too easy? Well, that's Redshaw's point - implementing wikis and blogs at Motorola was very easy. Unfortunately while this is a good story the only clue we have to that success is that wikis and blogs are easy to use, but I'm left wondering if there isn't more to it?

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