Saturday 3 June 2006

More wiki case studies

Talking of KM and IT, the new Melbourne KMLF group's blog has a great short case study on the use of wiki (and forum) technologies to support collaboration in an Australian government organisation. They have encouraged and supported bottom-up take up of their technologies. They also believe "Sandpits are both necessary and fun additions" that allow people to explore how and why they might use a paticular tool. I find their approach very much reflects my own experiences with using IT to support KM (have a look at my own 2004 case study on Ernst & Young's approach to supporting collaboration).

Meanwhile, Bill Ives tells us about how Novell has been using Wiki technology inside the firewall for collaborating on projects, sharing information across the enterprise and even facilitating event planning and management. Ives observes "I think, in some ways. wikis are even more effective behind the enterprise firewall as security is much less an issue and generally the trusted environment where wikis work best is in place." Ives also points us to podcast on Motorola's experiences with wikis and blogs (sounds good, but I haven't listened to it yet).

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