Thursday, 16 February 2006

Omnidrive, made in Wollongong

I'm always happy to give ICT companies based in my adopted home town, Wollongong, a bit of support. So if you're looking for an intersting startup that plans to offer "a service that gives people the ability to store all their files online, making them available from anywhere" take a look at Omnidrive.

The two brains behind Omnidrive are Geoff McQueen, who already has a well established Web software company called Internetrix, and Nik Culbrilovic (who also has his own blog - check out his post on the The Economics of Online Storage). You can read Geoff's write up on their adventures in the US where they have been chasing some venture capital. Yes, these guys are serious!

The only thing I want to know is what kind of open API's are they going to offer so that the Web community can mash up some interfaces to Omnidrive?

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  1. James,

    Thanks for the support and the reference. The APIs we're supporting are centred around feeds for notication and outline description (RSS and OPML) as well as support for the web_dav protocol.

    The later makes it easier for someone with a desire to get mashing to achieve incredible levels of functionality and integration with a very short amount of effort given the long history of web_dav and it's nature as a port 80 protocol familiar to any online developer. The former, strongly in the vein of Web 2.0 principles, provides a standardised and easy to consume descriptive layer - and Omnidrive even has the ability to consume feeds from other developer applications, from Blogs and Podcasts to name two common places, giving a great level of two way integration.

    For more information, keep an eye on as the beta moves to a public footing in the near future...


  2. Nice to see a "born global" Aussie startup having a go with the big boys!

    I'm very interested in seeing how it goes, especially the scaleability of their technical solution. But encouraging mashups with your app is definitely putting your best foot forward.

    Well done Omnidrive!


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