Thursday 23 February 2006

Are you in the inner circle?

You might expect because of my interest in knowledge management and social software that I would be an early adopter of networking tools like LinkedIn.

In fact quite the opposite - I was slow to signup exactly because my background in knowledge management tells me relationships are built on more than just loose online connections. However, I did eventually sign up but to be quite honest it was out curiosity around social networks rather than aiming to find business opportunities.

I remember then thinking it was very US-centric (not surprising). Now I've noticed an increasing number of people who are bit more local, but that I don't actually know already. In fact here are the stats from LinkedIn tonight:

* San Francisco Bay Area (11%)
* United Kingdom (10%)
* Greater New York City Area (6%)
* Netherlands (5%)
* Brazil (5%)
* Australia (4%)
* Dallas/Fort Worth Area (4%)
* Greater Boston Area (3%)
* France (3%)
* Washington D.C. Metro Area (3%)

Apart from the US, does anyone have any ideas why LinkedIn is so popular in Brazil???

BTW If you're thinking of inviting to link up with me in LinkedIn but we don't already know each other, please don't be offended if I decline the invitation.

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  1. I had similar sentiments and ended up joining. It feels like I've gone to a party, we have politely introduced ourselves and now we are waiting for the bar to open!

    cheers, Geoff Parcell


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