Monday 4 April 2005

Cracking the code of IT change

I follow the technology change management concepts of James Carlopio, who you may be familar with from the AFR's BOSS magazine (search on "Carlopio"), so it was great to see him quoted recently by Computerworld. He points out that:

  • Those working in IT, he said, need to broaden their minds when tackling projects admitting that implementations are complex;
  • Discussion, disagreement and experimentation can make a real difference and encourage end users to embrace technology changes; and
  • Resistance is often the result of past failures so IT executives need to accept a degree of end user cynicism.
All great advice - the challenge is in the execution of course! For an overview of his change management process - which has origins in Rogers innovation diffusion theory - see his Innovation Implementer site. He has also written a couple of books on change management and technology:
  • Implementation: Making Workplace Innovation and Technical Change Happen
  • Changing Gears: The Strategic Implementation of Technology

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