Monday 1 December 2008

From the SocialText blog: Company-wide deployments are very different from departmental ones

Over on the SocialText blog, Michael Idinopulos talks about the difference between deploying individual social computing tools to teams and departments with rolling out social computing suites to an entire enterprise:

"Company-wide deployments are very different from departmental ones. It's like campaigning for the U.S. presidency: you're not really running one national campaign, you're running 50 state campaigns...or 5,000 regional campaigns. Each of those campaigns has its own local leadership, demographic profile, issues, and economics."

He puts forward six steps (of course):

    1. Encourage a broad range of use cases.
    2. Recruit energetic champions across the organization.
    3. Launch the tools with hands-on experiences for new users.
    4. Route repeated activities through social software.
    5. Integrate with existing systems of record.
    6. Leverage public communities.

I'm not a fan of these simplistic approaches, and suite versus ecosystem of Web 2.0 is a discussion for another day, but overall the sentiment that enterprise-wide deployments are different rings true with my ideas about Intranet 2.0.

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