Friday 25 April 2008

Following the sun... more on the Enterprise RSS Day of Action

As the Enterprise RSS Day of Action around the world draws to a close (its already Friday here in Australia - incidentally our ANZAC day public holiday), here are some links to some more coverage:

  • Our Legal industry Enterprise RSS champion, Doug Cornelius, puts forward his argument for Enterprise RSS by asking you to "Take a look at your email inbox. If your inbox looks anything like my inbox, it is full of email from the administrative departments transmitting updated policies, events and information. Almost none of these emails are urgent or require me to take any action. So why are they clogging up my inbox, getting in the way of client communication and urgent communication?"
  • Ed Brill comments, "I worry slightly about focusing on the protocol itself versus the content and delivery approach, but we can use this to move beyond RSS as a buzzword towards solution-oriented value", and also link to a useful new article about RSS in Lotus Notes (probably a good starting point for any Lotus Notes shops out there).
  • Corey Lewis at the LaunchSquad (Newsgator is their client) marks the day and writes, "For anybody who deals with high volumes of information on a daily basis, RSS is an essential work tool. We'd be swamped without it, and waste many hours a week trolling through different blogs and news sources looking for the information we could have had delivered right to us. If you're not using RSS already (you admittedly may be even if you don't know it), hop on board - today's as good a day as any."
  • Meanwhile over on the Newsgator blog, they remind us about their widget for "the Day of Action. If you would like to track the day's activities, you can add this widget to your start page, social networking site, or blog with one simple click."
  • Scott Niesen at Attensa also blogs about their day presenting about Enterprise RSS at a chocolate factory - hmm, my kind of Enterprise RSS ;-)
  • Thanks also to Jesse Wilkins for helping to spread the word.

BTW Check out links to some other posts from the day here and here.

If I've missed anyone, let me know - just comment here or drop me a line.

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  1. Anonymous1:33 am

    James, thanks for your efforts to catalyze thinking around RSS in the enterprise. There is a critical mass of thinking and awareness growing. I am hopeful that those of us in the industry will use this as a repository and collaboration spot for much more. Thanks,


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