Tuesday 31 May 2005

New Shared Technology Research

ANTA - the soon to be abolished Australian National Training Authority - have published a new report titled New technology, training and public funding: The case for greater flexibility, that adds to their past Shared Technology research.

Even while these report are focused on the needs of the vocational education sector in Australia, they do provide some interesting insights into technology adoption and trends. The new report investigates the views of enterprises that are using new technology and how they respond to new technology training requirements. It includes a discussion of theory around technology adoption and some case studies.

Shared Technology: A Road Map for Traditional and Emerging Industries to 2008 looks at the technologies that are likely to have an impact in a range of industries in the next five years to 2008. The key technologies they identified to be influential across many industries were:

  • increased use of integrated voice and data communication;
  • increased use of wireless communication technologies;
  • continually increasing processing speed of equipment; and
  • use of independent power systems.

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