Tuesday 24 February 2009

From next week, you'll find me at Headshift

I'm here at the Enterprise 2.0 Executive Forum today and I think this makes a very appropriate moment to let you know that as of next week I will working with Anne Barlett-Bragg at Headshift here in Australia. :-)

So who are Headshift?

"Headshift is Europe's leading enterprise social computing consultancy. We have over 5 years' experience in designing, implementing and growing next generation social software solutions. Based in London, we also operate in New York, Paris, Sydney, Rome and Zurich to serve the needs of international companies and local markets alike. Our team contains some of the best and most innovative minds in this exciting new field, and we have a strong network around the world that helps us locate additional expertise when we need it.

Our enterprise practice delivers smarter, simpler, more social IT solutions internally within large enterprises, knowledge intensive firms, government and third sector organisations."

Anne launched the Australian Headshift operation last year, and obviously our aim is to be the leading enterprise social computing consultancy here in Australia.

I have to tell you that I'm really excited about this new role and hopefully, if you already know me, you'll agree this is a great fit. I'm looking forward to telling you more about Headshift and my new role in coming weeks.

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  1. Anonymous8:13 am

    congratulations james, a good move for you


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