Sunday 16 November 2008

Reflecting on BarCampSydney4

I went to BarCamp Sydney 4 yesterday (that’s me in the photo during a speed networking session) and had a great time meeting lots of people I know only through twitter and a whole bunch of other new people.

I really enjoyed all the presentations I attended. As this was my first barcamp, part of the fun for me was also simply soaking up the atmosphere. In the morning I stepped to the call for participation and talked a little about my ideas on Intranet 2.0, however now that I understand the format I’ll be a little better prepared next time!

There were three particular stand out presentations for me:

  • The discussion on what is a community manager, with Scott Drummond from Sports Hydrant;
  • The introduction by Pia Waugh to the OLPC, which is simply an amazing bit of industrial and computing design; and
  • Kevin Garber (from who shared his experiences with mixing in the San Francisco tech “ecosystem” (by sharing his story, Garber is helping other local startups).

Also, it was great to see people who are passionate about developing the local tech community and also campaigning against the proposed internet filter.

Finally, a hat tip to Phil Evans from Evanscorp for the lift and the company on the trip to and from Sydney.

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