Monday 3 November 2008

I’m looking for a publisher for a book on Intranet 2.0

Blogging is great fun, but you might know that I also enjoy writing more substantive articles. This is probably a bad habit I’ve picked up from the book chapter I’ve written in the past and all the writing I had to do while studying for my masters (an MBT from UNSW).

I have in my head a idea for a book on Intranet 2.0. Actually, its more than an idea – I already have a proposal drafted for a book I’m tentatively calling, the Next Generation Intranet Handbook (I’m not emotionally attached to the name!) and this is the synopsis:

Social computing tools (e.g. blogs, wikis, etc) may have appeared to have made a big splash inside the firewall, but advances in enterprise content management as well as legal and regulatory compliance drivers mean that traditional information management technologies are still alive and well. For corporate intranet and information managers, the daily reality of competing corporate and end‐user demands means that the modern intranet is neither a case of Intranet 1.0 or Intranet 2.0, but somewhere in between.

The Handbook covers all the key topics a Next Generation Intranet manager needs to understand: content management, portals, collaboration, social computing, knowledge management, enterprise search, Web‐Orientated Intranets, and unified communication and collaboration.

The Next Generation Intranet Handbook provides a guide to help corporate intranet and information managers to deal with the complexity of modern intranets by clearly outlining the processes and technologies they need to manage – from developing your plan through to selecting technology, this book will provide an essential reference for the journey ahead.

Yes, it might sound a little conservative, but lets face it there is already plenty of hype out there for free – you don’t want to buy a book when you can Google that for free.

Anyway, I’ve been asking around for advice and suggestions for contacts in the publishing industry that might be interested in such a book, but then today I thought what the heck… this is the generation of Web 2.0, why don’t I ask the crowd and see what happens?

So, I’m curious, can Web 2.0 accelerate the process of finding connections with potential publishers? I’m even open to other options of patronage, sponsorship or other methods of funding this project. Let me know what you think…. give me a call on 0414 233711 or email me at james dot dellow at chieftech com au if you want to talk seriously about this book idea.

BTW I would also love to hear your feedback on my synopsis – what would YOU like to see covered in a book about Intranet 2.0?


  1. Are you looking to write about detailed features to look in an intranet app like Sharepoint, adenin IntelliEnterprise, etc?

  2. Good question. There no doubt I would want to include examples of features based on popular intranet apps, like SharePoint. However, there are already a look of books that focus in depth on particular aspects of these products. I would like to reflect the diversity of intranets in practices (even more so with the influence of Web 2.0) and provide something that will help to make them more cohesive. Or should I just pick a specific product like SharePoint or IntelliEnterprise and write about how to use that platform more cohesively? What do you think?

  3. You could easily do a series of articles on the different platforms, how to use them, strengths, weaknesses, compare, etc. Sharepoint gets plenty of attention -- let's hear about the little guys who specialize in it and may have a better, more comprehensive, and more affordable product.


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