Thursday 20 November 2008

Hacking my Acer Aspire One

OK. Now that I’ve had a bit of time to settle in with my new Acer Aspire One, I thought I might contribute back by sharing some of the major issues I’ve found (and beyond the fun tweaks, like installing the Zune theme because I find the colour scheme easier than the standard Windows theme and RocketDock to help with application switching and launching).

So far the key issues have been fan noise and the wifi device disappearing:

  • I started with AA1FanControl to reduce how much the fan was working, but about to try a1ctl.
  • For the moment, I’ve followed some advice to disable the Power Save Mode in the Atheros AR5007EG WLAN adaptor (via Device Manager) as this appears to be a common problem with this model ‘disappearing’ after it goes to sleep to save power, but I will have to wait and see if that makes a difference. The wifi connection comes back eventually, but I would prefer if it didn’t disappear at all! UPDATE: I’ve also installed the Atheros Client Utility to see if that helps.

UPDATE 23/11/08: On the Wifi front, neither the client utility made no difference or disabling power save mod so I’ve ditched them for the moment. The best way to fix at the moment appears to be a complete power off and start up again (rather than a simple restart from Windows)! :-(

BTW Overall this little laptop does run quite warm, but I don’t think any more than any other laptop I’ve used before. It does appear to to be cooler running off the battery, so maybe there is room for improvement. Then again it could just be my imagination. :-)

What I also haven’t done yet is attempt a BIOS update, which requires a spare USB thumb drive that you need to make bootable. I’m also a little unclear about the benefits and which version to try (still researching about version 3305 and 3307).

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