Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Flattening The Information Landscape with Really Simply Services

In an interesting whitepaper, Flattening The Information Landscape [PDF], RSSBus explain how their products can help to provide “Really Simply Services”:

…in case you are thinking that RSSBus is nothing more than RSS feed generation, that’s definitely not the case.  RSSBus allows for input parameters and it can pipe the output of one connector as the input to the next, so it can be used to build advanced information processing systems.

In short, RSSBus combines the best features of SOAP web services and RSS Feeds to provide what we call ‘Really Simple Services’

RSSBus is providing a important tool to use in the Enterprise RSS Value Chain (I’ll explain more in an Image & Data Manager magazine article coming before the end of the year), but rather than focusing on news feed content it delivers one of the Ten Things I want from Enterprise RSS, a Yahoo! Pipes for the Enterprise.

This video highlights this:

I think this also highlights the dangers of reducing the Enterprise RSS concept to simply news feeds (which we know is an idea that is more palatable to the average user) when there is so much more potential, as the Wallem case study also demonstrates.

Hat tip to Lee White.


  1. Thanks for the post, James. We're looking into Enterprise Feedreaders and RSS now and using your posts on this topic. We are kind of disappointed though by the security features of enterprise feedreaders and enterprise RSS servers. We are looking for which allows us to add, manage and share secure feeds. The popular enterprise feedreading solutions can't seem to do the job. Any ideas/tips?

  2. Anonymous7:02 am

    RSSBus allows you to manage feeds with Security (NTLM, Basic, etc).

  3. @Samuel Driessen
    Without knowing the details its difficult to comment, but have you had much luck in reaching out to the vendors you're looking at to see what ideas they have?

  4. We've tried the major vendors and are not satisfied (yet). We've explained to them what we need, but they can't meet our reqs. We're trying RSSBus at the moment and some colleagues are programming something of their own that meets our reqs.

  5. Anonymous2:46 am

    Glad I was able to provide some useful info.



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