Monday 27 October 2008

How do I decide what to blog about?

Kate asked, how do I decide what to blog about? Hmm. Perhaps the question should be how do I decide what not to blog about!

Ok. Being serious now. This is definitely what I would call a professional blog, so you won’t find much about my personal life (if anything) here. So, how do I decide what to blog about – well really its a balance between:

  • Ideas or reactions to other feeds I’ve reading;
  • Things I’ve seen and want to bookmark for future reference (this in itself is a great reason to blog – I’m always searching my own blog for stuff I know I’ve recorded here;
  • Events I’m attending (or even hosting);
  • Updates and links to things I’ve published else where; and
  • Occasionally other ideas I might have.

I would love to make my blog all about the last point, but to be honest that’s not a real proposition so I try to maintain a healthy balance between all of the above.

The harder question to answer is what do I blog about. The specific focus has changed over time, generally its about things related to the information workplace – everything from social media to the impact of physical workspace design. Some people have described this as a Knowledge Management blog, while others think I’m a technologist. But I don’t think it really matters.

Of course when I blog is easy – these days its quite often while I’m sitting on the train going to or back from Sydney. Otherwise I like blogging early on a Saturday or Sunday morning, ideally while drinking a coffee before everyone else wakes up!

That’s enough about me… how do these guys decide how/what/when to blog?

Let’s see who is listening ;-)

(BTW these are all blogs I’ve been reading recently and have starred a few times in Google Reader)

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  1. I'm listening and will blog about it!

  2. James, thanks for the poke. I have no problem deciding what to blog about ... just a lack a time to actually put fingers to keyboard. I keep a long list of things to explore and write on, as those ideas raise their heads, and it's getting depressingly long!

  3. @msampsonmnet
    A case of we know more than we can blog ;-)

  4. Anonymous4:46 am

    Hey James! Clearly I'm not paying as close attention as I should be... I just noticed the ping in WordPress. I'll make sure to write about what we write about soon!


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