Wednesday 27 August 2008

Frog in a SharePoint - is the water boiling yet?

The other day I posted a link to the summary of a conference presentation, titled "SharePoint can lead to huge chaos". Looking at my stats this morning, I noticed an above average response to this post in terms of hits. Clearly, this issue grabbed the attention of some people and in fact this is the very reason why I posted the link, because I know its an emerging problem.

However, its not just about the technology and in response to offers from Microsoft-specific vendors, IPP Consulting are offering a vendor-neutral approach to deploying and sustaining MOSS (pdf)*. But its interesting... the phone isn't exactly ringing off the hook with people asking for help?

Maybe the water just isn't boiling yet?

Here are some more ideas to help you check the temperature - 7 Signs Your SharePoint Project Is in Trouble:

  1. You require a large amount of process change
  2. Your defaults encourage bad behaviour
  3. SharePoint doesn't work well for ____, but you're going to use it for that task anyway
  4. You have a hostile business-to-IT relationship
  5. You have a disconnected workforce
  6. You're focused on turning off features
  7. Your organization is bad at project management

What do you think? How is your SharePoint implementation going?

*Why vendor-neutral? Because your investment in SharePoint should still be based on a business case and requirements that are independent of the technology.

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  1. Nice list James, and I couldn't agree more with your last point.

    Kate Crawshaw gave a great session on Implementing Social Media last night a the KMLF meeting in Melbourne and she kept coming back to the point that whatever tools you use, they are in submission to the business problem to be solved.


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