Thursday 12 June 2008

Breaking down barriers with Enterprise RSS

Yes, I'm always thinking about Enterprise RSS... Dennis Howlett talks to Patrick Slesinger, director and CIO at Wallem Services Limited, about how they are using Enterprise RSS to break down information sharing silos:

"In shipping, it takes master engineers around eight years to reach the pinnacle of their profession. They tend to be contemptuous of ship captains, taking the view that captains are merely the people who stare out the front of a ship that wouldn’t go anywhere without engineers. They rarely share information except on a ‘need to know’ basis. Wallem had information stored across multiple systems both packaged and in-house built applications. While systems could ‘talk’ to one another, there was no real way for anyone to obtain a complete operational picture. Wallem’s solution was to implement Attensa’s RSS solution to expose and organize data that is then dropped into a corporate blog."

UPDATE: There is more on the Wallem solution here, based on K2 (a BPM product), Attensa and SharePoint - Sandy Kemsley, reporting from the Enterprise 2.0 conference, explains the value of the feed server component:

"The advantage of using a feed server for this is that it provides complete device/platform independence for consuming the event feed, as well as providing multiple formats for consumption. An enterprise RSS feed server provides things such as integrating your LDAP database for defining users and groups, and allows for easy assignment of specific feeds to users and groups."

Also, while we're talking about Enterprise RSS, check out this post from Martin.

UPDATE 2: More from Scott over at Attensa about this case study, including slides.

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