Tuesday 15 April 2008

Things you want from Enterprise RSS...

As I was putting together these slides, I asked via Twitter, about the things people wanted from Enterprise RSS... these are the suggestions I heard back:

Satisfied staff, participation, sales, best customer service, informed people, engaged executives, fun, knowledge management, communication, no email, Industry, competitor, major clients, suppliers, law changes, top industry bloggers, company events, internal broadcasts, most added RSS feeds, SSO, no repeat posts, SSE, must read flag, gateways, comments, trackbacks, multiple device read tracking, hooks for ETL and reporting tools (Business Objects) to promote dashboard information reuse... and good internal data in a consumable RSS format.

Some good ideas there - and notice its mostly a combination of:

  1. Outcomes (the benefits of RSS/Enterprise RSS);
  2. Content (the information delivered by RSS); and
  3. Functionality (of the Enterprise RSS).

This is one of the core issues about Enterprise RSS that we've been discussing around the Enterprise RSS Day of Action - to understand how the functionality of Enterprise RSS contributes to the content and how that content is consumed, and subsequently the benefits it provides.

Thanks to everyone who shared their ideas.

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