Sunday, 20 April 2008

Newsgator coverage in RRW: AideRSS and Inbox 3.0

With the Enterprise RSS Day of Action only a few days away, good to see Newsgator getting some coverage on ReadWriteWeb:

  • AideRSS is now integrated with Newsgator's online reader, which (currently) filters the top 1000 subscribed blogs for popularity.
  • A new version of their RSS reader for Outlook has been launched, called Inbox 3.0 - "including enhanced relevancy, attention reporting, easy subscription adding, flag synchronization and a redesigned UI".

What's interesting is that both of these announcements include features that involve elements of social filtering of content, which is of course is part of that suite of functionality available in an Enterprise RSS system that goes beyond simply RSS-ifying content and giving users an application to read feeds.

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