Thursday 24 April 2008

A few more Enterprise RSS Day of Action posts

A few more Enterprise RSS Day of Action posts:

  • David Hobbie is "up to my elbows in Enterprise RSS as my firm has been evaluating various vendors and I've been making presentations to groups and individuals about RSS over the last two weeks in particular" and shares some links where he is discovering the power of RSS;
  • Chris Heller from Grey Sparling Solutions blogged about using a PeopleSoft solution they provide to allow desktop RSS readers to access secure RSS feeds from PeopleSoft... they have also announced a competition for a free copy of their software - what a great idea!
  • Hat tips also to Jasbinder Bains and fredscapes (in Dutch, but I presume its positive as the Dutch are pretty switched on kinds of people).

Also, while checking out who is saying what, I found this article from last September, Is Enterprise RSS the Next Killer App?, quoting Forrester Research.

PS I've also spotted a few people twittering about the day of action - so thanks for helping to spread the word.

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