Saturday 29 March 2008

We're getting this Enterprise RSS party started...

  I'm picking up on a few mentions here and there about the Enterprise RSS Day of Action taking place on the 24th April - thanks to Martin "frogpond" Koser, Jeff Nolan, James Robertson, Steve Richards, Alex Manchester, Stu Downes (our logo designer) and Janet Johnson.

Incidentally, Martin also points to this excellent graphic by Fred Cavazza that he uses to explain Enterprise 2.0 - as you can see, RSS is everywhere:

I also noticed this comment from Anne Marie McEwan on Alex's post:

"I 'got' RSS immediately ( I certainly do not always see things so clearly) and agree with you that RSS is a potentially revolutionary social computing tool. In fact, I wrote a one page piece to give away as a freebie on my old website. I must dig it out. I shall be joining in the RSS Enterprise Day of Action on 24th April. Thanks!"

On Stu's post, Judy comments:

"‘Enterprise RSS Day’ - what a great idea. It’s timely for me - we are just beginning (stress beginning!) to generate interest in this in our firm. We’re part-way there, just waiting on desktop software to be downloaded to the trail group - maybe this will happen on Enterprise RSS Day! And Steve, I think the logo is great."

That's a great action for the Enterprise RSS Day of Action if your organisation is ready for it, start a pilot!

BTW Don't forget that other important day of action that is taking pace tonight, Earth Hour 2008.

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