Wednesday 13 February 2008

Bills Ives reflects on Wikipatterns and Knowledge Management

If you've been following my Wikipatterns posts this week, then you might be interested in what looks like a series of posts coming from Bill Ives comparing Stewart Mader's Wikipatterns book with Knowledge Management:

"Parts of it also took me back ten years ago to promoting knowledge management best practices. I found it interesting to reflect on the differences and similarities between a top down system that required bottom up support and participation (aka KM) and a system that requires bottom up support and participation and offers a bottom up structure (aka wiki). Now you might say that a wiki is a tool and KM is an approach. However, it seems that wikis are also very much about an approach, more than just a tool, and KM relied on tools to enable its approach. I think more comparisons are valid, especially since both are about content."

You can probably guess why Bills comments caught my attention. So far he has reflected on two sections from the book:

I'm looking forward to reading further posts from Bill on this subject.

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