Monday 10 December 2007

Facebook, LinkedIn and the state of enterprise software

There are too many conversation going on right now about Facebook, LinkedIn and the state of enterprise software... some starting points:

This is just the tip of the iceberg, but the connection here is the question should Web 2.0 replace enterprise software or do we just use it raise the bar of what is expected?

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  1. James, I think that in your last sentence you've totally nailed it. The good, and otherwise very functional (where they don't meet some accepted definition of good) designs we're seeing in the Web 2.0 space should absolutely be the line in the sand for the next generation of interfaces on which our enterprise tools operate. They should totally raise the bar.

    Take Google Personalised Home Page as an example. It's not full of whizz-bangery, but it's extremely functional. I can absolutely use it to create a dashboard - very enterprise that - for my life that I can reconfigure at a moment's notice. I see no reason why this sort of functionality couldn't be the interface for HR tools, CRM, supply chain, mail, intranet, knowledge base or any other behind the wall tool.

    There's no longer any justification for the big vendors to pump out bad interfaces on top of potentially powerful functionality. Just because it's been this way doesn't mean it has to stay this way.

    I'd love to get in a conversation with some of these vendors and talk to them about social design. I think we could make beautiful software together. Brains and beauty!


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