Saturday 8 December 2007

BigPond's private label version of ThinkFree

You might remember that I reviewed a portable version of hosted office application suite ThinkFree earlier in the year, however I don't remember hearing much in the media about this new service from Australian ISP, Bigpond, who have a launched a private label version of ThinkFree in November:

"BigPond® Office lets you create, edit and share word processing, spreadsheet and presentation documents from anywhere you can use the Internet, any time. Simply login and start working. BigPond Office is BigPond's alternative office suite. And best of all, it's all free* for most BigPond members."

BigPond Office is currently only available to BigPond users, however the service is also un-metered for BigPond users, so it has no impact on typically restrictive broadband limits here. But it looks like a premium version is in the works:


BigPond Office DocBoss offers all the features of BigPond Office, plus you can also access it when you’re not on the internet. So you’ll be able to create all your documentation and save it to your PCs, without having to go online. You’ll have the same anywhere, anytime access as the current online service with added features and a higher level of technical support."

I wonder if the reason I didn't hear about this before is because they are trying to fly under the radar of Google and co? :-)

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  1. More than a private label version, mate. Looks like it's the only version Aussies and Kiwis can access - at the price of a BigPond account. maybe their global business model - free in North America, at a price elsewhere


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