Thursday 8 November 2007

Dreaming of Enterprise RSS functionality

I'm increasingly convinced that an RSS server is a critical part of the Enterprise Web 2.0 stack - its a messaging system that should be as important as email. Attensa add some meat to this idea by putting forward 3 key reasons for implementing an Enterprise RSS system:

"Enterprise RSS - Why Not Just Use Google Reader?

It's a question that inevitably comes up in every conversation we have with businesses looking to use RSS for streamlining communications. We think there are three big, compelling reasons to use a managed system for integrating RSS in your enterprise communications mix: synchronization, analytics and security."

If you check out their original post, they actually offer 9 further reasons. Now, these reasons are all good but I'm actually looking for some extra pieces of functionality to round out two of the key reasons they put forward:

  • Federated synchronization between organisations for direct sharing of private RSS feeds;
  • While we wait for encrypted feeds to go main stream, I want managed secure feeds for external consumption - I'm actually thinking of a couple of levels, with options for authenticated feeds and also public feeds with readable titles but content that is either encrypted or sitting out on a HTTPS site so only an authenticated user can read it.

We take the ability to transport email between organisations for granted and I think  we need RSS to have the same abilities. I know the Attensa guys drop by occasionally, so hopefully this might give them food for thought.

Of course I'd also like an enterprise version of Yahoo! Pipes too! :-)


  1. Anonymous2:12 am

    Whoa! Federated feeds between organizations? You're way ahead of the curve. Love the idea and imagination, obviously you "get" it.

    So why do you suppose the adoption of enterprise RSS (and associated benefits available today) is so slow?

    Attensa is a client of mine, and I live the benefits every day. So I shake my head on the lack of institutionalized adoption all the time.

    Help me understand - thank you.

  2. Anonymous6:39 am


    I will send you the presentation I will give a few weeks titled "Using RSS for optimizing Communication in the Enterprise and driving traffic to the Intranet".

    Last year, we have implemented a customized corporate RSS reader that is actually working pretty well.

    Stay tuned.

  3. Anonymous6:42 am


    I will send you a presentation that I will give in a few days that an Intranet 2.0 Forum.

    The presentation is titled "Using RSS for optimizing Communication in the Enterprise and driving traffic to the Intranet".

    This is the story of this customized RSS corporate reader that we deployed over a year ago now and that is actually bringing in good results.


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