Tuesday 16 October 2007

Wiki is a verb and a noun

Responding to my last post about wikis, Mike Cannon-Brookes from Atlassian made a great point:

"One of my favourite points to make is that a 'wiki' per se is not an application, it's a feature. A wiki by itself is a useful tool, but you can magnify it's use greatly in combination with other features (for example social features, blogs, comments etc)."

He's right - wiki is a verb and a noun. That fits nicely with my ongoing muse about form versus function, one of the central points in my recent Intranet 2.0 presentation.

UPDATE: Matt also responds, also with a good comment:

"Wikis are essentially about simplicity and openness. So RS's comment that you'll find traces of wikiness (to a greater or lesser extent) on intranets going forward is right, I reckon. And lots of things will get badged wikis. But are they simple? And can I edit them? Oh I have to master CSS? There's an approval process? Ahem."

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