Sunday 28 October 2007

Getting introduced to Bluepulse

I spent Friday night out with Geoff McQueen from Internetrix and Frank Marzano from Itree (plus our respective partners) to watch the local basketball team win a game, which luckily they did. As you know, I've recently discovered Twitter - however, Geoff introduced me to Bluepulse:

"Bluepulse is a free mobile social messenger for you and your friends. You can message your friends from bluepulse using their email address, phone number, name or group name. You can receive all incoming messages and profile updates in 1 inbox. You can also build your profile and share pictures and videos with 1 friend or a whole group really easily."

Bluepulse is very much focused on the mobile social experience, however, just like Facebook and Twitter etc, its built on an open platform that third-party developers can use to create new mobile widgets. So, its a mobile social messenger and a mobile widget platform wrapped up together. BTW Bluepulse has origins in Australia, which Robert Scoble is pretty impressed with.

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